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Other Charitable Support

The General Charitable Purposes Committee welcomes applications for funds from a wide range of charities and groups whose activities are carried out within the city of Sheffield to the benefit of local inhabitants, with particular emphasis upon:-

a) The relief for those who are aged, ailing, disabled, poor or otherwise disadvantaged.
b) The relief of distress and sickness.
c) The provision and support of facilities for recreation and other leisure time occupation.
d) The provision and support of educational facilities.

The Trust is not able to make grants to individuals under this heading. Individuals under 25 can apply to the Church Burgesses Educational Foundation for specific educational help, click hereor click here to return to the home page of the website.

Completed application forms and all supporting papers need to be received by the Law Clerk before the beginning of the second week of December, March, June and September. Applications can be sent by post or by email to

Grants range in size from £500 to a maximum amount of £10,000 and can be for a complete scheme or a contribution towards a larger project. If the latter, grants are only made when a clear plan of achieving the desired goal is provided.

Applicants will normally be notified of the outcome of their application shortly after each quarterly meeting.

Please refer to the links provided on this page to see some of the projects that have been funded in recent years.

Please refer to the FAQs page for further information, or contact the Law Clerk to discuss any queries.

Click here for an application pack.

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